Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence comes with constantly improving the processes and eliminating waste. At the same time strong Operations Management is necessary to be on place. Last but not least, improvement is also dependable on possible automation to release capacity of the employees and shorten time for servicing customers.

Why we need Operations Management?          operations management

The first question you will probably ask is what is Operations Management. Why we need it? How could it help to your business? So let’s give the following example. Two different companies processing customer finance transactions. What are the reasons for an eventual customer to choose one rather than other? Which are the criteria for the decision? These are the main three – the time for processing of each transaction, the number of transactions for a given period and the quality.

How to deliver the highest number of transactions, in lowest possible time for processing of a single transaction? All together with the best quality (means without returns for error corrections) and the optimal number of employees. Finally to serve the customer in the best way and generating the maximum profit?

Therefore, we need the Operations Management knowledge to get the answers. Very important answers if you really want to be among the leaders in your industry.